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The Term Insurance Store, LLC


A few words about who we are..

The Term Insurance Store is an independent life insurance agency, specializing in the lowestcost term insurance available in the marketplace. Representing close to one-hundred different life insurance companies, we think of ourselves as working for the person seeking the lowest cost life insurance, rather than working for one of those companies. Frankly, we do not care what life insurance company you choose - we care about the price you are required to pay.

But, it is important for the consumer to know that we do business only with those companies that are rated at the very top by the independent rating agencies, such as The A.M. Best Company and Standard Poors.

The Term Insurance Store was founded by David Rhone who has been meeting people's need for life insurance coverage since February 1969. How often are you able to do business with a professional who has forty-four years of experience?

David is a graduate of Point Loma Nazarene University and just prior to entering into the life insurance business was a member of the United States Army, serving in Vietnam where he was awarded both the Army Commendation Medal and the Bronze Star.

.and what we do.

The Term Insurance Store searches the entire life insurance marketplace to find the lowest possible rates for everyone who inquires. Based on factors, such as a person's age and health conditions, rates for term life insurance vary widely. Any one life insurance company that offers the lowest rates for a man age 35 may not even be close to the lowest rates for a man age 55. That's why we constantly shop the entire life insurance industry.

Because of our years of experience and access to the best markets, no one can beat our rates! And, because of this experience, we never use a "cookie cutter" approach, assuming that any one company will offer the lowest rates for your situation and circumstance. Our proprietary software allows us to instantly search the rates of the 100 lowest-cost term insurance companies to find the rate for you that cannot be beaten by any other agent.